The travel portal "ABC Travel" includes Ballota Beach on the list of "10 beaches fall for nature lovers"


 Ballota Beach (Cue, Llanes) has been included in the list of "Autumn 10 beaches for lovers of nature and solitude", published today in the travel portal "ABC Travel".

  The sand Llanes (the only Spaniard in the ranking) ranked ninth on this list of beaches nationwide, which they define as "Arenales to see giant waves, birds came from afar, or just walking in the rain."

  Titled "Ballota: a beauty of cinema", the website highlights the photogenic beach, which "has served the setting for the filming of The detective and death, Gonzalo Suárez, and Kindred newts, Julio Suárez" also mentioned several characteristics and location.


The complete list of beaches is this.

  1.  Valdearenas (Cantabria).
  2. Las Catedrales (Lugo).
  3. Cabo de Gata (Almería).
  4. Arenal de Sonabia (Cantabria).
  5. Doñana (Huelva).
  6. Algorri (Guipúzcoa).
  7. La Salvaje(Vizcaya).
  8. Mar de Fora (La Coruña).
  9. Ballota (Cué, Llanes).
  10. Laga (Vizcaya).


 Thus, again a beach llanisco council is again subject of attention in the field of tourist information.

 A few months ago, the beach Gulpiyuri (Ships Llanes) was included on the list of "10 extraordinarily unique beaches in the world," prepared by the travel portal, and the same sand next to Cuevas del Mar, New, were included in the list of "20 best secret beaches in Spain", the digital supplement "Beach Holidays", belonging to the British newspaper "The Times".